Oh Universe, You So Funny…

August 15

I am not one to announce goals to the world. I’d rather keep my head down and just work at it. Last week I posted  my goals for this month and BAM! The Universe said, “Nope.” After that blog post, I had doctor’s appointment that did not go well. I’ve been  having some problems that I had hoped were side effects of the chemo that I was taking for the graft-vs-host which is my body rejecting the bone marrow donor cells. I went off the chemo last week and hoped those issues would go away. They didn’t. Not only did they […]


Deadlines, shmeadlines…

August 7

I am a goal-oriented person. I’ll admit, this was something I threw on resumes when I was younger to try to sound impressive so I could get a job. The thing is, after over a decade of accounting, it was true. A good accountant meets their deadlines. Period. That’s it. End of story. You can’t miss a month end close or tax filing, etc. There are rules and penalties. I once pushed off gall bladder surgery for a week because it was month/year end close. I could only eat crackers and water the whole time! I delayed my honeymoon to […]


How Annoying

July 28

Do you annoy your characters? If not, you should. It helps create well rounded characters if- while they are kicking butt and saving the world- they also have to deal with that annoying neighbor’s dog who keeps crapping on their lawn. I’ve learned after dealing with leukemia and a bone marrow transplant that sometimes all the little things add up to kick you in the teeth. If my life was fiction, then the leukemia would be my major conflict. However, I got diabetes after I started treatment for the leukemia. After I had my transplant, I had to keep poking […]


Inspiration, Failure and Success

July 14

I wasn’t sure what to title this blog post. It was originally going to be about inspiration- but then I wanted to talk about failure and success as well. So I decided to combine them. Inspiration: I am blessed to be surrounded by people who inspire me in different ways. I go to critique group meetings and my friends there inspire me to write. The creative buzz I get from those meetings really helps my writing (along with all their valuable feedback). I have friends that inspire me to try new recipes or foods in the hopes of making culinary […]


You! Yes you, can borrow e-books from the library…

July 9

I knew you could borrow books from the library but never got around to figuring it out. A friend nudged me to do it recently so I tried it. Oh. My. Gosh! I shall be eternally grateful to her. I thought they probably wouldn’t have much available. I was wrong. They had e-books from authors even when they don’t carry the hardcopies in the library. Now every library is different. Some don’t have a very good selection. If this is the case with your library- talk to them. Maybe if they see the demand the will increase their inventory. Now, […]


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These days, she has traded her throwing stars for a laptop, which she wields to write fiction. You can get a glimpse of her novel writing genius, or possibly nonsensical chemo-brain ramblings, by checking out her Novel Blurbs page.

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