Inspiration, Failure and Success

July 14

I wasn’t sure what to title this blog post. It was originally going to be about inspiration- but then I wanted to talk about failure and success as well. So I decided to combine them. Inspiration: I am blessed to be surrounded by people who inspire me in different ways. I go to critique group meetings and my friends there inspire me to write. The creative buzz I get from those meetings really helps my writing (along with all their valuable feedback). I have friends that inspire me to try new recipes or foods in the hopes of making culinary […]


You! Yes you, can borrow e-books from the library…

July 9

I knew you could borrow books from the library but never got around to figuring it out. A friend nudged me to do it recently so I tried it. Oh. My. Gosh! I shall be eternally grateful to her. I thought they probably wouldn’t have much available. I was wrong. They had e-books from authors even when they don’t carry the hardcopies in the library. Now every library is different. Some don’t have a very good selection. If this is the case with your library- talk to them. Maybe if they see the demand the will increase their inventory. Now, […]


I’ve found a hidden treasure, matey….

June 30

Not sure why I went with the pirate accent there, but I did find some book treasure. I love discovering a new book series. I especially love when I discover it after it has been out for a while- or even better if the series is complete. Yes, you do miss out on the anticipation of a new book coming out and all the discussion about it. However, it is easier for me to read the whole series in one shot so I remember what is going on with the plot and the characters. My memory has always been bad. […]


I am a Grabby McGrabber…

June 25

I grab people a lot. I’m talking in my writing people. Get your mind out of the gutter. Though there was one time when I was walking out of the dark movie theater and reached my hand back to grab my husband’s hand. I ended up grabbing another man- and it wasn’t his hand! True story! I was so embarrassed. But today I am talking about using the word grab in my novel. I finished chapter by chapter edits on it and emailed it to my kindle so I could do a solid read through. I noticed I use the […]


Phoenix Comicon Recap – Writer Version

June 16

So here is my writerly (yup, just making up my own words here) recap of comicon. There were quite a few writer panels. I was very happy.  Originally, I was thinking I would recap each panel including a few nuggets of wisdom. However, as you will see I went to a ton of panels! And I will admit, by Sunday my brain and body were pretty tired so I don’t know how much I processed. Mostly I enjoyed hearing from all the different authors and learning about their books along with what works for them as far as writing and […]


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