Judge not lest I kick your butt…

April 12

Isn’t that in the Bible? It’s something like that, right? I may be paraphrasing a bit. I have come across a lot of judgmental people lately and it is getting on my nerves. I’ve seen several things online like someone posting a pic with a woman in a bikini with comments like “She does not have the body to be wearing that” or a pic of an older woman wearing tight jeans and heels with comments saying, “She should dress appropriately for her age.” Today I saw a pic of an older woman with her white hair dyed with streaks of anime blue […]


Gratuitous sex? I think not!

March 17

I know this discussion has already hit the interwebs so this is old news, but I just saw the movie Kingsmen this weekend. If you haven’t seen it, then you might not want to read this post because it is a bit spoilery. I thought the movie was good except for the stupid “up the butt” part. For those who haven’t seen the movie there is a part where a Princess is imprisoned and the main character asks if he gets a kiss if he saves her. Then he mentions having to save the world and she tells him he […]


I started writing this blog post and then the most amazing thing happened…

March 11

Made ya look! Made ya look! Anyone else sick of reading those headlines? Usually followed by some cutesy video or a story that makes you want to cry your eyes out. Can we just retire it now? I get wanting your headline to lead people to watch your video, or read your post – or even look at your cat picture. But enough already! Stop the madness. It is so annoying. Here is a better way to get people to click- use your words people! Take that extra step and craft a headline that intrigues people without resorting to gimmicks. […]


Well, this is awkward…

February 17

Ever get an email and think, I need to respond to that – but not right now? So you wait until you have time to really write a good response. Days pass, then weeks, maybe even months. And by then you are a little embarrassed to respond because it’s been so long. That is how I feel about not writing blog posts. I’m sorry for disappearing. I kept thinking, oh I need to get back to it- but never did. The holidays took up a lot of my time and energy. Then health issues. But now, I am ready to […]


Meet me at the Chandler Author Walk…

November 17

  I will have signed copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength at the Chandler Author/Art Walk this Friday, November 21st. The event is running from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. If you are local, then I would love it if you stopped by and said hi. You don’t even have to buy a book. I am a little nervous about doing this signing. I don’t know why. But I am excited as well. I will definitely be posting a pic or two from the event. I hope to see you there!  


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