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Below is some information about the writer:

Rissa Watkins was born with the soul of a writer. Her father, who taught English to unruly high school students, also taught her the love of the written word. It is a love that has lasted a lifetime.

She honed her craft telling tall tales as a child. She was first published at the age of ten with a book titled The Revenge of Remington Steele. Rissa garnered critical acclaim from her fellow fifth graders. Her four week run at her elementary school library was her first literary success.

Rissa has written for various online publications, but her first love will always be fiction. She is editing her first novel, DYING TO FIND YOU and is getting ready to publish her second, UNREVELATIONS in August 2015.

She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, son, and various desert critters.

Rissa was nicknamed “The Ninja” by her writing friends because of her habit of diving into the fray to squash online bullies. When she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, she transformed into a cancer-fighting ninja. She survived lethal doses of chemotherapy and radiation, a bone marrow transplant, going bald, and horrible hospital food to kick cancer’s butt.

These days, she has traded her throwing stars for a laptop, which she wields to write fiction. When not huddled over her keyboard, typing furiously, she likes to cook Thai food and other culinary treats and is trying (rather unsuccessfully) to turn her black thumb into something a little more chartreuse.

Rissa likes talking about herself in the third person. If you would like to contact her you can email her at Rissa at Rissa Watkins dot com. You can also check out her Amazon author’s page here.


  1. Hamza Hassan

    Hello Rissa,

    Hope all is well with you and yours across the miles. We haven’t talked since we shared our thoughts about your Chicken Soup old story I read last year, Hope Beat All. Have you considered writing lately to any of their recent books? I hope so, let me know please and enjoy reading below heart-warming story about the power of letting go.

    All the best,
    Hamza – Saudi Arabia

    The Sunken Ship

    The teacher was telling his students the story of a large ship, sinking in the middle of the sea. Aboard the ship, there was a couple as well as a lifeboat for only one person. All of a sudden, the man pushed his wife aside, jumped into the boat, and began to sail away from the sunken ship, leaving his wife to face her impending death alone. As the ship began to sink, the woman shouted at her husband….. At this moment, the teacher stopped telling the story and asked the students, “What in your opinion did she say to him?”

    While most of the students replied that the woman hated her husband and insulted him for leaving her die alone, the teacher noticed that one of the students was sinking in his own thoughts. He approached the boy and asked him his opinion. The boy straightened himself and said to the class, “I think the woman said to her husband, ‘Please take care of our child.’, right?” The teacher was shocked by the boy’s response and asked him, “Did you read this story before?” “No, sir,” said the boy. “I didn’t read it before, but this is what my mother said to my father just before she died of the chronic disease she was diagnosed with.”

    “You are right,” said the teacher and then continued the unfinished story. The ship sank in the sea and the man returned back to his home where he took care of their daughter. Years later, the man, himself, passed away and his daughter found a notebook written by his own hand. In his notes, the man mentioned that he and his wife were in a voyage across the sea after doctors diagnosed her with a chronic disease. Just moments before the ship sank, the man jumped into the only chance of surviving and wrote, “Sweetheart, I wish I could give you the chance to survive and to take care of our daughter, but your disease didn’t leave any other choice. My heart is filled with pain and deep sadness for this hard decision. Rest in peace, sweetie, our daughter will have a beautiful life.”

    – Strength doesn’t always mean holding tightly onto something precious God has given to us, it sometimes means letting go when we are destined by fate.

    1. Rissa (Post author)

      Thank you so much. I have not submitted anything new to Chicken Soup but have been looking at their calls for submission to see if anything else calls to me.

      I loved your story! That is exactly what I would do in that situation. Thank you for sharing.


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