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Beta Reading Perks…

I am a beta reader for a several friends. A beta reader is someone who reads a writer’s work after the first draft- or close to that- and critiques it. This isn’t editing, though if I see an obvious mistake or typo I will mark it. I read for consistency, good characterization, and plot. If it feels funky to me, I let the writer know.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a good beta reader because I read things pretty fast. I can finish a novel or two a day sometimes. When I beta read, I like to sit and read it all at one time, if I can, or several days in a row so I can find inconsistencies.

I’m supposed to say I do it out of the goodness of my heart. Which is true, I do want to help, and they will read my stuff, too. But really, I do it because I love to read- especially for free. My regular writers are really good so I enjoy reading their stories. I could probably go on fivver and charge to beta read- but I have no desire to slog through bad writing. I really do love knowing something I said helped make the story a little better.  And seeing my name in acknowledgements never gets old.


Love this logo

One of the perks is goodies. Look at these super cool stickers and keychain Melissa Snark sent me with her badass logo on it for beta reading WOLF’S CROSS which is book three in her Loki’s Wolves series. It is such a great series. I highly recommend it. You can get the first one here.


I’m your huckleberry.

And Brooklyn Ann just sent me this jar of awesome. This my friends is homemade huckleberry jam. To. Die. For! She gave me my first jar when I got to meet her in person in Vegas for a book con a year or so ago. My family and I devoured that jar. She mailed this jar to me a few weeks ago. I was going to try to smuggle it in and keep it all for myself. Unfortunately, my husband got the mail and discovered my precious jam- so I had to share.

Speaking of sharing… let me share this amazing review Brooklyn Ann got for her newest release UNLEASHING DESIRE from her Brides of Prophecy series on Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots. I am so happy for her. You can buy book one, Wrenching Fate, here for only 99 cents.

So go forth my ninjas read, write, and eat lots of huckleberry jelly. (just not mine!)

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  1. Brooklyn Ann

    OMG! You are so awesome, Rissa! Glad you liked the Jelly!


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