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Ding…Ding…Ding…Round Two

Remember last year when I was one of the ones picked for the wonderful Brenda Drake’s PitchMadness? Unfortunately, that book didn’t land me an agent. I was bummed. But, did I give up?

Child, please! I didn’t let a little rejection stop me after my bone marrow transplant.  A little bit of rejection about my writing wasn’t going to stop me now. And publishing doesn’t involve needles and drugs that make you feel sick. (at least I don’t think so- there maybe a secret ritual once you sell your book.)

I became more determined that my second novel, Unrevelations, would shine until it gleamed!

And now it’s a new year, with a new book and a new contest. I entered PitchWars this year. This contest is different because the mentors are published/agented authors who will help you whip that query letter & manuscript into shape for the actual agent round in November. They pick one mentee and one alternate.

I was picked as an alternate by the amazing Jami Nord. She works a day job, interns as an agent, is a writer, and found time to be a mentor for this contest. I’m happy when I manage to remember to put pants on for the day! And she likes Doctor Who so that makes her super cool.

But best of all, she likes my writing! This complete stranger read my query and first chapter and said good things about it. She isn’t just saying that to be nice or to spare my feelings. She picked mine out of seventy something entries.

Now I hope I can clear the medication-fog clouding my brain and do her proud.

Cross your fingers for me my little ninjas!

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