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Happy New Year…

Well, okay, technically not the new year yet but 2016 has been so rough I am calling it.

To celebrate the new year, I got a new tattoo on my arm. Check her out…

Isn’t she beautiful? Jason at Inkenstein Tattoo Company gave me this gorgeous tattoo today. It turned out better than I could even imagine and barely even hurt at all. He is such a great guy and an amazing artist. The shop looks pretty cool and was super clean- man that place practically sparkled! I highly recommend seeing him for your tattoo.

You may be wondering why a zebra? Doctors are taught: When you hear hoof-beats think horses not zebras. We lucky few who suffer from rare illnesses are referred to as zebras. We are unique and harder to diagnose or treat. With all my wacky body’s hijinks, I am definitely a zebra.

Now if you look closely you will see a spoon in one of her stripes (Jason’s great idea). This is from the spoon theory, which is a metaphor used to explain the reduced amount of energy available to people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. You start out the day with a limited number of spoons (energy) and each time you expend energy to do an activity of daily living, you lose a spoon. When you run out of spoons you just can’t manage any more that day. It is better explained here.

I wanted to incorporate a spoon into the tattoo so that I would always have one spoon left.

I’ve been fighting for 6 years to stay alive with some amazing doctors and nurses- and against some horrible ones. This tattoo is a reminder to me not to give up and to the medical community that I will not fit in their box. I am special, just like my tattoo.

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  1. Patricia

    You are my hero…seriously…and with total joy.

  2. Brian Wood

    You are a mighty zebra, indeed! May you enjoy many more years of improving health and happiness.


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