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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Disney?

As most of you know, I was hoping to get some passes from Walt Disney World for my up and coming vacation. Unfortunately, I was denied. No big deal, I had already expected to charge part of this trip. I would just add it to the mountain of medical debt I will be paying for the rest of my life.

Not so fast!

My friend Radiance works for Disney World. She was able to use a friends and family rate to get us a discount on the hotel and said she would give us a ticket as well. When she heard I wasn’t able to get any passes from Disney, she offered me 4 day passes for my family! Employees get a certain amount of passes they can use or give away to friends and family. I can’t believe she generously offered them to me! That will save me $1,000! I was almost crying when she told me.

But wait, there’s more… Way back 14 years ago when I was pregnant, I went to babycenter.com and joined a group of moms who were all due April 2004. The April Bunnies have stayed in touch all this time offering support, advice, and a place to talk about wanting to throttle our precious 13 year olds. Those sneaky mommies got together and sent me gift cards for over $300 for my Disney vacation! I am just overwhelmed at their generosity.

In the past when we have gone to Disney, we were as frugal as possible. We never eat in the parks. We would eat a bagel in our room or get McDonald’s for breakfast, bring snacks or sandwiches for lunch, and grab something to eat on the way home. We always go to the Tiki Room as one of our last stops. It is one of my favorite attractions. They have that Dole Whip stand there and I have always wanted to get one, but was too cheap to buy my own. I would just take a bite or two of my son’s. But this year I am getting my own!

I know, it sounds silly, but I have always had a hard time spending money on myself. It is something I am overcoming though.

Today, my sister took me out to lunch, and we got pedicures. No more Hobbit feet for me! I was surprised to run into my friend Deb there. As she was leaving, she paid for my pedicure! So I have been spoiled all day.

I don’t know how I am so blessed to have friends and family who are so good to me. But, I am thankful every day for you all!


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  1. Michelle Devon

    You deserve it.

  2. Cindy

    What Michy said! So glad that this is all working out so well for you!


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